If you want to discover the real Venice, far removed from the crowds of tourists that populate nearly every alley or square during the day, there is nothing better than a tour that starts early in the morning.

Palazzo Ducale facciata bacino
Doge’s Palace on Saint Mark’s Square

Starting from Saint Mark’s Square – which has a very special charm the early hours of the morning – we will first admire the political centre of the Venetian “Serenissima” Republic, with the Saint Mark’s Basilica, the Doge’s Palace, Saint Mark’s Bell Tower.
Next, we will travel along the city’s typical, peaceful “calli” (alleys), taking in striking areas that are not at crowded. We will get a glimpse into the life of Venetians going to work or children going to school while continuing our conversation about the city’s origin, history, art history and architecture. We will end the tour near the Rialto Bridge, the oldest in Venice, at a time when even this central area is still pleasant to explore. From here you will have the whole day to continue with y

canale e barche
Venetian canal

our schedule, after having admired the real Venice in a truly exclusive fashion!

There are two possibilities for taking part in this exclusive tour:

Join my small group tour, with a maximum of 15 participants
Meeting point: Saint Mark’s Square, Exit of the Doge’s Palace, Porta della Carta.
Price: Euro 39,00 p.p.
Duration: 2 hours ca.
The price does not include entrance fees to sites or monuments
How to book:
Write the date or dates on which you would like to do the tour:

We will reply via email with all the details and information that you need. The tour will take place with a minimum of 3 participants.

An exclusive early morning tour for you, your family, your friends: write here We will decide all the details togheter, according to your accommodation and schedule!


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